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Mindfulness and behavioural therapies at your fingertips

Community support from
like minded people

Online counselling from professionals when you need it

24/7 access to specially
trained GPs

Speak to someone about
how you’re feeling

Are you struggling with something at the moment or just have a nagging issue that you’ve been putting off talking to someone about? We have a team of specially trained GPs who are experts in mental and physical health.

You can book a chat and talk through any aspects of your health, whenever you feel ready.

Practice mindfulness and improve
your mental wellbeing

Build resilience and handle stress with science-based mental
wellbeing app Foundations by Koa Health. The app has guided
programmes, meditations, and games to help you challenge
negative thought patterns and sleep better.

Discuss how you’re feeling
anonymously with others

Many people are going through similar issues. That’s why we’re giving you access to Qwell by Kooth: a safe and confidential community platform. Get support from people like you and chat to a qualified counsellor when you need to.

Reach your goals

Speak to you GP today to start setting realistic, attainable goals
for your health. Each GP can put together individualised plans
to improve your overall wellbeing.

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